Joshua 1 and 2 (#1002)

Joshua 1 and 2 (#1002)
Good morning!  Delighted to be here with you again, on the phone.  Today we’re going to take a little different approach in our teachings than we’ve had in the last many months.  In the last few months, we’ve looked at patience and perseverance and prayer and trusting God and where we’ve looked at sorts of doctrinal teachings where we look at verses on the same topic throughout the Bible.  And, I think we’ve learned a lot and today we’re going to obviously look at similar because they are throughout the Bible, but we’re going to do what is called a textual teaching where you pick a text, a section of scripture and stick with it.  In this case we’re going to start focusing on the three books of Joshua, Judges, and Ruth.  As you know, they come after the original five books of Moses: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy, which takes us all the way from Adam and Eve, all the way to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, to where the children of Israel under Joseph end up being in Egypt and wind up going into slavery.  To where God, through many miracles, gets them out Egypt and into the wilderness and God would have gotten them across the Jordan river into the land of Canaan, called the promised land, now called the country of Israel.  He would have done that very early in that 40 years journey across the desert, probably within a few months, definitely within a year, but the children of Israel were too scared to cross the Jordan.
They sent spies over, twelve of them, one from each tribe.  Two of them, Joshua and Celeb, said: “hey, there are a lot of guys there and they’re pretty big, but God will give us the victory, but let go in.”  But the other ten were all scared, those others said: “those guys are much bigger and tougher than us and they’ll destroy us if we go in.”  So, the children of Israel decided they were all too scared to go in God said: “Phooey, you think you’re going to die in the wilderness, go ahead and die in the wilderness.”  So, they spent forty-years wandering around what we now think of the Sinai Peninsula and some adjacent areas.  They spent forty-years wandering around until all the adults that had left Egypt died.  So, the group that we’re left with at the beginning of the book of Joshua are either people that were very young children when they left Egypt or people that had been born during the forty-years in the wilderness.  And this group is who we’ll see when we read through Joshua 1…
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Verse Listing and Notes
Joshua 1          Instructions for entering the promised
Joshua 2          Rahab and the spies
Joshua 1 and 2 (#1002)

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