Patience with Joyfulness (#1001)

Patience with Joyfulness (#1001)
Good morning!  Today we’re going to touch on a topic we hit from time to time, but from a little different point of view.  We’ve had a variety of teachings this year on patience and perseverance and waiting on the lord.  And we’re going to review some of those verses, but we’re going to have an emphasis on patience with joyfulness.  That is a great thing.  Some people can do that, other people just get too jumpy and nervous.  I think about my dog here, every dog is a little different and every way you take care of a dog is a little different.  I have a dog that can run around the yard like you guys have in Falmouth.  But I do take him on a walk most days.  And when I mention walk, he gets very excited and I have to put his harness on.  And then I have to often run around and get three other things because I like to listen to audio books and things like that when I’m walking.  So, I have to get my ear-buds in and I got to get all organized.  But he’s pretty patient about it, because he knows he gets to go on a walk and he knows it takes me a while to get ready.  So, he just sort of sits there patiently looking at me, until I snap on his leash and take him out the door.  And there are some things in life where I’m like that where I can very easily look forward to our fellowship times.
There are other things sometimes I get a little jumpy because I don’t want to wait.  It has been said that there are three aspects to any event in your life: there is the anticipation, the realization, and the recollection.  So, you look forward to something happening, and it happens.  And, sometimes it happens better than you plan and sometimes it happens worse than you plan.  And then there is the recollection, you get to look back and remember what happened.  And all three are important for any event in our lives.  And I was actually talking to somebody the other day, who was planning some kind of thing to do and were just very happy to have something to look forward to.  That was the words I heard about it and it good to have that, it is good if you are working, you look forward to five o’clock when you quit working.  Or, if you planned a vacation or a trip like Mary-Rose is on, I’m sure she had great anticipation about seeing the grand kids, about seeing Peter, and see her mother and her sister and that is wonderful.  It is wonderful to have that anticipation to look forward to.  And the more we can do that with patience when we are praying to God the better off we are.  And it is great to do it with joyfulness.
There is the old saying that God is never late, but often He’s not very early.  So, we just have to joyfully pray, joyfully look to God, and joyfully expect Him to bless us and provide for us.  And the more we can do that with joy the better off we are.  I can remember times, even going to back when I was in Connecticut in college, running all over the state teaching in a bunch of Fellowships.  Looking back, and day to day it doesn’t seem like much has happened, but six-months later to you look back and realize you actually accomplished quite a bit.  And I remember thinking: that was great.  I’m happy that this six months was as worth while as it was , I just wish I hadn’t been so nervous about so many things.  Because being nervous about several things I was working on really didn’t help.  And I lost out on some of that joy of life by being nervous about stuff.
So, a better way to live is to pray and ask God for His help and being very patient about waiting to see those answers to prayer.  And be very joyful that you know God is going to take care of you.  Again, we do it if we have a wonderful event in life we’re looking forward to, we have to be patient because maybe it won’t happen for two weeks, or two days, or a month, or however long it is for that event happens.  But if we can be joyful in the waiting and patient, then we enjoy the anticipation of waiting for it instead of waiting two weeks being grumpy because you have to wait two weeks.
So, the same thing with praying to God, we pray and we expect His blessing and we’re very joyful because we know God is going to come through, so there is nothing really to worry about.  OK, let’s get into some of these verses.  Again, some of these are very familiar, but it won’t hurt us to read them again and they will, and again we’re going to focus on the joyful aspect of it,  Psalm 37 in verse 7…
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Verse Listing and Notes
Psalms 37:7                 Rest in the Lord [be still, silent before the Lord]; Wait patiently for him
Psalms 40:1                 I waited (with expectation) [patiently and expectantly] and he heard
Ecclesiastes 7:8-10     Better is the patient than the proud in spirit (disposition). [patience is better than pride]
Luke 8:15                     Fruit with patience (steadfast perseverance) [by persevering]
(Luke 21:5-19 In your patience possess ye your souls)
Romans 5:2-5              Patience leads to [brings about, produces] hope, which maketh not ashamed
Romans 12:10-14        Patient in mental pressure [continuing steadfast, faithful, persevering in prayer]
Romans 15:1-6             Patience and comfort of the scriptures [through patient endurance and the encouragement drawn from the scriptures]; the God of patience.
2 Corinthians 6:1-10     In MUCH patience
2 Corinthians 12:11-13 In ALL patience
Colossians 1:9-11          Strengthened unto all patience with joyfulness
1 Thessalonians 1:3      Patience of (proceeding from) hope
1 Thessolonians 5:14-15 Be patient toward all
2 Thessalonians 1:3-4   We glory for your patience and believing
2 Thessalonians 3:1-5   The Lord direct into patient waiting for [patience of] Christ
Hebrews 12:1                  Let us run with patience [patient endurance] the race before us
Patience with Joyfulness (#1001)

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