Count on It (#1000)

Count on It (#1000)
Good morning! Today we’re going to talk about things you can count on. We all have various people and situations; people make promises to us and offer to do things for us or do things with us; sometimes they come through and sometimes they don’t. And it doesn’t take long to figure out who you can count on and who you can’t. But people as we know, even the best intentioned ones, often fall short and can’t do everything they’d like to. But we can always count on God. That is why and that is the reason. Oh, by-the-way, I realize there was a slight double ontondra in that title because you know I’ve been numbering these teachings for quite a few years and today, we’ve it teaching number 1,000. So that is a good thing to count. So we can count on God. It is wonderful when we are around people we can count on, I love it. But, I’ve just found that a lot of people you can’t count on at all, and even those that are generally very reliable, often run into circumstances they can’t deal with and can’t quite come through like they wanted to. But that is OK, because we can count on God. We only get depressed and discouraged if we put our confidence in man. What’s say in Philippians 3:3? We are the circumcision and worship God in the Spirit, rejoicing in Christ Jesus and have no confidence in the flesh. We just don’t put our confidence or trust in things in the material world, whether it is people of other stuff. I mean we can enjoy it and we’ve got to work with it, but our ultimate confidence is in God. So we’re going to read some records, some pretty familiar some may be not as familiar, but let’s start in II Chronicles chapter 13…
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Verse Listing and Notes
II Chronicles 13        The children of Judah prevailed, because they relied [Heb. Sha-an: to rest, rely, lean upon, support oneself] upon the LORD God (vs. 18)
II Chronicles 16         Thou hast relied on the king of Syria, and not relied [Heb. Sha-an] on the LORD thy God (vs. 7)
Psalms 34:22              None of them that trust [Heb. Chasa: seek refuge, flee for protection, put trust in, confide or hope in] in him shall be desolate
Psalms 118:5-9           It is better to trust [Heb. Chasa] in the Lord than to put confidence in man (vs. 8)
Proverbs 3:5               Lean [Heb. Sha-an] not unto thine own understanding
Daniel 3:28                  God delivered his servants that trusted [Aram. rechats: set one’s trust on] in him
II Corinthians 1:8-10   We should trust in God which raiseth the dead
II Thessalonians 3:3    The Lord is faithful, who will stablish you and keep you from evil
Count on It (#1000)

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