New Focus: Persistence in Prayer (#890)

New Focus: Persistence in Prayer (#890)
Today we’ll continue are series on having a New Focus in life and continue also in working through the topics found in the Class on the Stayed Mind and the Peace of God. Today our focus is Persistence in Prayer, and that is a great field; it is something we cover from time to time, but it is something we can’t remind ourselves enough of too much. We know that people persist in their business goals, they persist in their financial goals, they persist in their fitness and weight loss goals; if they’re studying, they persist in keeping the their GPA up to a level they want; this their working in a job they persist in trying to get the next promotion, if they have raising their level of sales. It is good to have goals and work hard and focus. But somethings we get so wrapped up in these things, we forget to simply persist in prayer and be determined to not give up.
Today, we’ll read about Moses, Elijah, Jesus Christ, and the apostle Paul who persisted in prayer. Many times Jesus Christ would simply command something and their would be an immediate result, other times it took some determination, a little more prayer and extra effort. And we know from our lives, that sometimes we pray once for twenty seconds and we see God’s deliverance right away and other times, we may have to pray for a year. But then, finally, when the time is right, your believing is there, you’re ready for it, other people involved are cooperating — then God comes through. But either way, God always comes through. Let’s start in Luke chapter 18.
Taught by Bruce Mahone 20160221.  All rights reserved.
Verses and Notes
Luke 18:1-8                   Men ought always to pray, and not to faint
Genesis 18:20-33          Abraham reasoned with God about Sodom’s destruction
II Kings 4:18-37             He walked in the house to and fro…child sneezed seven times
I Kings 18:41-45            Elijah prayed, and it rained – James 5:17-18
Mark 8:22-25                 Men as trees walking
Romans 1:8-13              I purposed (determined) to come unto you, but was let (forbidden)
Colossians 4:1-4            Praying…that God would open unto us a door of utterance (vs. 3)
Romans 12:10-14          Patient in mental pressure, continuing instant [steadfastly, faithful, persevering, be constant] in prayer (vs. 12)
890 – New Focus – Persistence in Prayer

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