New Focus: Fixed Heart (#887)

New Focus: Fixed Heart (#887)
We’ll continue our series on having a new a new focus, especially now that we are in a new year.   Today we’ll take a look at the Fixed Heart.  This is a topic we’ve covered from time to time, but haven’t covered in a year or two.  So it will be good to go back and see how these verses apply today.  And it is funny how you can read a verse and have one understanding and then sometime later read it again when you’re going through something different and see even how much more it applies.  Let’s start in Deuteronomy 11.
Taught by Bruce Mahone, January 3rd, 2016.  All rights reserved.
Verses and Notes
Deut. 11:18-28            I set before you a blessing and a curse (vs. 26)
Deut. 32:44-47            Set your hearts unto all the words (vs. 46)
Ps. 1:1-3                       Meditate day & night (vs. 2 )
Ps. 108:1                      Fixed (steadfast) heart
Ps. 112:1-8a                Fixed: firm, steadfast; established: sustained, steady, upheld (vss. 7, 8)
Ps. 119:165                 Great peace have they that love thy law
Isa. 26:3-4                    Stayed on thee – steadfast (Expos. Bible Comm.), well stayed, steady (Intl. Critical Commentary)
Isa. 50:7-9                   Confounded: disgraced; set (established, fixed) like flint
Ezek. 14:1-8                Setteth up his idols in his heart (vs. 7)
Zech. 7:8-13               They made their hearts as an adamant stone (vs. 12)
I Cor. 15:51-58           Be ye steadfast, unmoveable (vs. 58)

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