God's Abundance: God Provides (#915)

God’s Abundance: God Provides (#915)
Today we are going to continue the series we started last time on God’s abundance.  We’ll have quite a number of these sessions on God’s abundance.  And although we will obviously touch on financial abundance, that is not going to be the only point because God provides us abundance in every area of life and we will look into those.  Last time, we just talked about how God’s abundance is unlimited.  We read Ephesians 3, that says God is able to do exceedingly, abundantly above all that we ask or think.  We read Isaiah 55, where it says God’s ways are much higher than our ways.  We read in Matthew 26, where Jesus Christ said he could have called twelve legions of angles to save him, but he didn’t.  In Joshua 10, they were fighting and they called on God to keep the sun in the sky so they could finish their battle and be victorious; and God made the sun stand still for many hours.  In Matthew, we read that whatever we ask in prayer, with believing, we receive; and then it is clarified a little bit in I John 4:5, where we read: whatsoever we ask, according to His will, He will answer.  Then we read in Hebrews 4, that we should come boldly unto the throne of grace to find grace to help in time of need.  And then in Matthew 6, where in the beatitudes Jesus Christ talked about, or actually I think it was the sermon on the mount, he said, we are to be anxious for nothing; knowing the God is aware of our every need.  So we’ll continue that today with another session.  Today’s session will be simply about how God provides.  A little of this we covered last week, and some of these verses are so fundamental they’ll come up several weeks.  But we’ll start here on the topic that God Provides.  That is one of the ways He provides abundance.  And we’ll go to Genesis 22….
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Verse Listing and Notes
Gen. 22:14                    The Lord will see and provide (Jehovahjireh)
Exodus 16:1-15            God gave them quail and “what is it” (manna)
Exodus 17:1-7               God provided water (Meribah = strife, contention)
I Kings 17:1-16               The ravens, then the barrel of meal fed Elijah
II Kings 4:1-7                  God provided through the vessels of oil
Mat. 14:13-21                5000 men were fed, plus women and children
Mat. 15:29-39                4000 men were fed, plus women and children
Mat. 16:5-12                  Jesus Christ was trying to get them to see beyond food
Mat. 17:24-27                God provided the tax money, so they could continue with God’s Word
II Cor. 9:8                        God is able to make all grace abound toward you, that ye, having all sufficiency in all things, may abound to every good work
Phil. 4:19                         My God shall supply all your need
Acts 11:27-30                 Agabus prophesied, so the need was supplied before it arose
Acts 16:6-10                   The Macedonian call – God provided needed direction, so His Word could bring deliverance to those hungry for it
God’s Abundance: God Provides (#915)


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