Romans 12 – Enthusiastic Living (#998)

Romans 12 – Enthusiastic Living (#998)
Good morning! I was thinking this week about a variety of things, as we all do. And, I remembered the first time I went to the headquarters of the Way International in New Knoxville Ohio. I was just starting my junior year of high school. I’d been in the Word, as far as being involved with the Way, for about four months and there was a New Years advance. So a bunch of us in the New York subarbs rented a bus and went out there. And back then the whole Way International wasn’t that big, the crowd there I think was about the same or perhaps smaller that some of the Family Camps we’ve had here in Virginia through the years. So, you pretty much knew everybody. And it was really wonderful. And the theme of the advance was enthusiastic living. So, we had wonderful teachings about how great it is to be enthusiastic when we trust and believe God. And I thought we would talk about that. And the way we’re going to talk about it is we are going to read Romans 12:1, and about half-way through we’ll come across a term relating to being enthusiastic. So, here we are, we’ll spend the whole time in Romans 12 unless I diverge, which I might…

As taught by Bruce Mahone, 202007012.  All rights reserved.
Verse Listing and Notes
Rom 12:1        reasonable – logical
Rom 12:6        gifts – in the context, refers to ways of serving, whether by operating the manifestations of holy spirit, operating a gift ministry, or some other act of service
Rom 12:9        dissimulation – hypocrisy; abhor – hate; cleave – cling
Rom 12:11      not slothful in business – never be lazy in your work
fervent in spirit, serving the Lord – serve the Lord enthusiastically
Rom 12:12      instant – steadfastly, persevere
Rom 12:16      mind not high things – do not be haughty or proud
Romans 12 – Enthusiastic Living (#998)

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