Resurrection Victory (#991)

Resurrection Victory (#991)
Good morning, here we are on Resurrection Sunday, also called Easter, a day when we celebrate the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. We’re going to read a lot of scriptures today, about not only about his resurrection, but what led up to it. The fact that he shed his blood and his body was broken and what that means for us and that that ultimately led to the resurrection. And, of course the coming of the holy spirit on the day of Pentecost and the life we can now enjoy as God’s children, walking with the power of God. So, let’s start in I Corinthians chapter eleven…
As taught by Bruce Mahone, 20200412.  All rights reserved.
Verse Listing and Notes
I Corinthians 11:23-26  This do in remembrance of me
I Peter 2:24                     By whose stripes ye were healed
Hebrews 9:12                 By his own blood he obtained eternal redemption for us
Galatians 3:13                Christ redeemed us from the curse of the law
Luke 24:1-8                     Why seek ye the living among the dead?
Acts 1:22                         A witness of his resurrection
Acts 4:1-4                        Being grieved that they preached the resurrection
Acts 4:33                         And with great power gave the apostles witness of the resurrection of the Lord Jesus and great grace was upon them all
Acts 17:16-21                  He preached unto them Jesus and the resurrection
Acts 17:31-32                  He hath given assurance unto all men, in that he hath raised him from the dead. And when they heard of the resurrection of the dead, some mocked
I Thessalonians 4:13-18  Wherefore comfort one another with these words
Job 19:25-27:                    25 But as for me I know that my Redeemer lives, and he will stand upon the earth at last:
26 And after my body has decayed, yet in my body I will see God!
27 I will see him for myself Yes, I will see him with my own eyes. I am overwhelmed at the thought! (NLT)
I Peter 1:13                       Wherefore gird up the loins of your mind and be strong
13 Therefore, prepare your minds for action; be self-controlled; set your hope fully on the grace to be given you when Jesus Christ is revealed. (NIV)
Resurrection Victory (#991)

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