Practical Living: Turn Arounds, Part 7 – Mary and Joseph (#863)

Practical Living: Turn Arounds, Part 7 – Mary and Joseph (#863)
Today, we’ll continue our series on turnarounds, where we’ll read about Mary and Joseph, which is an appropriate record to cover this time of year.  We’ll look at several of the records covering the birth of Jesus Christ.  We’ll see that God gives several people big responsibilities (Mary, Joseph, Elizabeth, and some others).  We’ll also see that when God gives you a job to do he also gives you what you need to get the job done.  We probably have examples of something similar where we work; for instance, a moving company that needs to make a delivery, will provide the delivery operator with a truck and perhaps even helpers and a forklift operator so he can get the job done.  Whatever is needed is provided.  Let’s take a look at these records of the birth of Jesus Christ and see how God provided what was needed.
Taught by Bruce Mahone on 20141221. All rights reserved.
Verse Listing and Notes
Luke 1:26-56               Gabriel brings a message to Mary…
Matt 2                          After Jesus was born, wise men came searching for him.


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