Judges 13 to 15 (#1012)

Judges 13 to 15 (#1012)

Good morning. We’re going to continue our series, going through Joshua, Judges, and Ruth. We completed our review of Joshua as few weeks ago, and we’ve been going through Judges chapter by chapter. I keep thinking I’m going to skip some of the chapters, but we haven’t yet. We keep going. And today we’re going to ready Judges 13 to 16, which covers the remarkable record of Samson.

Each one of the Judges in the book of Judges has unique qualities, but Samson is very unique, nobody quite like him. He obviously had tremendous physical strength, I’m sure that was part of him physically, but also when the spirit of God came upon him, he put that physical strength to awesome use. As we’ll read when we get into it, he judged Israel for twenty year, he was able to protect them from the Philistines. A lot of the details on how he did that aren’t covered, the main things that are covered here in the book of Judges are his personal life, which was quite remarkable, he had tremendous challenges with the Philistines, obviously, with the women he loved, with the families of the women he loved, with his own parents. Yet, he walked mightily and powerfully for God, and judged and delivered Israel.

So, he’s a remarkable fellow, but I’m just so glad there are these people in the Bible, ’cause you talk to some Christians and they think they have this cookie-cutter idea what Christians are supposed to be, yet if we look at the people that walked with God through the centuries, they’re all very, very different. And God worked with them. But rather than being mad at ourselves or mad at somebody else because they fit into to our preconceived idea of what a believe should be like, I think it is much smarter just to prayer for everybody and encourage people to trust God and walk with God, no matter where they are or who they are. Samson was like nobody I’ve ever met, but neither was Gideon, like anybody I’ve ever met.

You go on and on, everybody’s unique, everybody’s different, yet when they trust God and walk with the spirit of God, they can do great things for God and help Gods people. So, let’s get into Judges Chapter 13…

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Judges 13-16     Samson


Judges 13 to 15 (#1012)

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