Ruth (#1013)

Ruth (#1013)

God bless you. Welcome to another Sunday morning fellowship.

As you know, we’ve been going along through Joshua and Judges. There are several chapters left in Judges we won’t read, and you are welcome to read them. But they follow the same general pattern that we’ve seen: where when God’s people turn to Him for help, He helps them; when they turn-away from Him, the neighboring countries come in and put them in bondage, until they’ve had enough of the bondage and they finally cry unto the Lord for help, and God raises up another judge. So, although there are different people and slightly different circumstances, it is the same general pattern that they follow through the end of the book of Judges. We got as far as Samson and you’re welcome to keep reading.

So today we’ll go to the book of Ruth and there are a number of reasons why that is significant; one it is one of the two women in the Bible that are actually named in the Christ line, the other one is Rahab. Both of them were women who came from what we would call pagan backgrounds where they were raised worshiping false gods, but when they learned about the true God, they chose to turn to the true God and not only became wonderful women of God, did great amounts of things to help people in their time, but they ended up being in the Christ line. Ruth I think, and I can’t remember the exactly amount, but I think she is King David’s Great, Great, Great Grandmother. And it was all because she simply believed what she knew.  She knew little of Gods word, but later she learned more and believed it.

That is also significant because today we’re having the memorial service today for my mother via Zoom for my mother Marion Campen Mahone, who as some of you know passed away quietly in her sleep two-weeks ago . And she also was a wonderful woman of God. She ran a fellowship like this for I think 15 years in Connecticut and then she went WOW to Phoenix Arizona area in Tempe where she obviously ran a fellowship with her WOW family and back to Connecticut and continue to run her fellowship, then for several years attended the fellowship of our brother Tom Louth and then started joining our fellowship here, and up until a few weeks ago she was a regular call in participant. So, she lived a wonderful life; got past her 94th birthday; died one year to the day exactly, within about a two hour window that my father died last year. So she just had a wonderful life and many wonderful grand children and great grandchildren.

So I think it is very fitting that the day we have her memorial service, as she was a wonderful woman of God, that we read about Ruth, another wonderful woman of God in the Bible. And of course there are many other wonderful women in the Bible and many other wonderful women of God we know in our daily lives. But Ruth is the one we’ll read about today. So, please turn in your Bibles to the book of Ruth…

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Verse Listing and Notes

Ruth 1-4        Great Deliverance – from disaster to victory.


Ruth (#1013)

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