God’s Care: Resilience, Part 10 – Determination, cont. (#956)

God’s Care: Resilience, Part 10 – Determination, cont. (#956)
Good morning. We’ve been doing a series for many months on how much God cares for us. As you know. And we sort of took a subset of that, on because He cares for us He helps us be resilient, so we can bounce back from challenges. Because we all have challenges, sometimes they are little, tiny challenges; sometimes they’re huge, life-changing events. But, we have to be resilient and be able and bounce back from them. I’m reminded of something…I think Peter, you said this to me in a text this week: “The future is as bright as the promises of God.” And that’s true. You always look at what you got, and the problem is people will often look and see: well I’m short of this and I’m short of that, and this is going wrong and therefore, my next year’s going to be a mess. Well, not as long as we have the promises of God. Because I might be very short of something I’d like to have or need more of, but as long as I have God’s promises, I won’t be forsaken. And neither will you. So resilience is a big deal, and then we took a subset of resilience last week, and talked about determination. And we’re going to continue on that theme today. You may remember that one of the records we read about last week was about Hannah, Samuel’s mother. She was so determined to have a son that she just kept praying, and praying, and ultimately ended getting pregnant and having a son named Samuel, who she took to Eli the priest to serve the Lord. And we’ll read a little bit about that. And I better switch from my song book to my Bible, otherwise I won’t find First Samuel chapter two…

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Verse Listing and Notes
I Samuel 2:12-36        Samuel’s training by Eli
Ex. 29:31-34                Seethe (boil) the offering, then priests eat
Lev. 3:12-17                Burn the fat
I Samuel 3                   Samuel’s training by God
I Samuel 7                   Samuel led Israel to victory by God
God’s Care: Resilience, Part 10 – Determination, cont. (#956)

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