Clear Focus, Part 6: Keep Seeking (#963)

Clear Focus, Part 6: Keep Seeking (#963)
Good morning! We are going to continue our series on having a clear focus for the year. We started this just before the new year began and we’ll keep it up for a number of more sessions. And the purpose of this is, so as we go about our daily lives, where there are so many distractions. We, each week, at least have at least one thing were we can clearly focus on God and His word. And there are obviously many things in God’s word, but it is hard to think of them all at once. So we try to have one or two things to think about and focus on, that we know are worthwhile and are godly. Then if everything else in life goes great, hallelujah. If things aren’t going the way we want, at least we have one thing worthwhile, biblical, and godly to focus on. And the topic this week will be to keep seeking God. And I checked back in my notes, because I have notes from several decades of teaching these Sunday morning fellowships and this is a topic I seem to teach about every other year, on average. Its just such an important one that keeps coming back. And there are many things like that in God’s word, that although we may have read about them, we sometimes get a little distracted and forget them. And to just go back and look at it again and see what else we can learn, because every time we look at something in the scriptures, we’ve grown; we have a slightly different perspective, so we see it a little different way because of the understanding of life. And, even if it comes out the same way in our minds, its still worthwhile to look at it again. So, we’re going to talk about continuing to seek God; just keep seeking. So we’ll start in Deuteronomy chapter four in verse 23.

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Verse Listing and Notes
Deuteronomy 4:23-31      If you seek the Lord, you will find him (vs. 29)
I Chronicles 16:10-12        Seek the LORD and his strength
Psalms 9:9-10                     Thou hast not forsaken them that seek thee
Psalms 34:10                       The young lions do lack and suffer hunger, but they that seek the Lord shall not want any good thing
Psalms 34:22                       None of them that trust [Heb. Chasa: seek refuge, flee for protection, put trust in, confide or hope in] in him shall be desolate [guilty, offended]
Psalms 63                            Early [diligently] will I seek thee (vs. 1).
Marrow & fatness (vs. 5): the richest of foods (NIV), a rich feast (NRSV)
A portion for foxes (vs. 10): food for jackals
Proverbs 8:12-21                Those that seek me (wisdom) early [diligently] shall find me (vs. 17)
Jeremiah 29:10-14              Ye shall seek me and find me (vs. 13)
Matthew 7:7-8                     Seek, and ye shall find (vs. 7)
Colossians 3:1-3                 Seek those things which are above, where Christ sitteth (vs. 1)
Hebrews 13:14                   Here we have no continuing city, but we seek one to come
Clear Focus, Part 6: Keep Seeking (#963)

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