A Fresh Start (#969)

A Fresh Start (#969)
Welcome! We’re going to have a fun time on a topic we touch every couple of years. And, always good to look into because we are always at different stages of our lives so it will hit us slightly differently. But this one is called A Fresh Start. So many people feel they are in a dead-end in life or their stuck somewhere and can’t move ahead and sometimes they feel it is because of something somebody else did, because of some circumstance; and those things can be very challenging to overcome, when you get used to your life going a certain way and all of the sudden there is some major change; you figure, how am I going to move forward. Well, God have lots of ways to move forward. And we’re going to read about a bunch of people who got a fresh start when it looked like they were totally going to be a mess. So let’s start in Deuteronomy chapter 23…
As taught by Bruce Mahone, 20190519
Verse Listing and Notes
Deuteronomy 23:5  God turned the curse (of Balaam) into a blessing, because He loved you
Judges 6:11-16         God called Gideon to deliver Israel
I Samuel 3:1-18        God called Samuel
I Kings 21:20-29        Ahab humbled himself
Isaiah 38:1-8              Hezekiah healed
A Fresh Start (#969)

4 thoughts on “A Fresh Start (#969)

  1. Kimberly Sixkiller

    Thank you – exactly what I needed to hear this week to focus on God and not the problem!

    1. bedundon Post author

      Kimberly, fantastic and thanks for the comment! I’ll pass this on to Bruce. Brian, the web admin.

  2. Jean neuenfeldt

    Beautiful teaching today for me – fucus on God when it’s not going well – and off the problem of the day .
    Thank you Bruce 🩷


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