God’s Abundance: Unlimited (#914)

God’s Abundance: Unlimited (#914)
As announced, we’re going to start a new series today on God’s abundance.  And we we’ll talk about finances, but there are many, many other areas in life where God has great abundance in addition to just finances. 
Today, for our first session on God’s abundance, we’re basically going to talk about how unlimited God is.  How He doesn’t have the constraints you and I have. 
We are very statistics driven in our society and there is nothing wrong with that.  People for instance, in financial markets say the average return on investments is ten percent a year since 1902.  And they figure, OK, if the average is ten you might go up 20 or 30 one year, but you’re probably not going to go up 800 percent in one year.  The average is ten percent.  And this applies to other things.  For instance, we’re in the middle of many changes in our nation’s capital.  And everybody is going to throw statistics around to support their points of view.  And again, they are limited.  People want to lower taxes, but you can’t take them below zero.  And you can’t go past one hundred percent.  You have limits.  It is the same thing with this and that: there are limits everywhere in this world we can’t go beyond.  Even in space travel, no matter how quick they go (even on Star Trek) you can’t go past the speed of light.  Today, we have a hard time with our aircraft going a few times the speed of sound in our fighter jets (and we’re pretty good at that).  But we haven’t gotten a fighter jet anywhere near the speed of light.  And I can’t remember exactly remember the numbers, but if you go Mach three, which is three times the speed of sound — I think you are still only going at one or two percent of the speed of light.  It is a really small fraction, it is just totally different.  The point is… the point in this whole long story is there are limits in everything we do as people.  You know when I was running in high school and I was very happy to break a five minute mile, which was the record at my high school.  But then at that time there were only a few people that could run a four minute mile.  Now, as I understand, most colleges will have a runner that can run a four-minute mile.  But still, nobody’s broken the three minute mile.  And nobody’s ever going to break the two minute mile.  It is just that there are limits you see, in everything you do.  Except with God.  And that is the whole point of today’s session and the reason scriptures indicate that God is not bound by the limits you and I have.  We all do have limits, but we need not worry about our limits, we need not stress over our limits, we need not get negative about our limits, we just need to accept as people we can only do so much.  In any area of life… I just gave a few examples, but this applies in any area of life — we have limits.  But God does not.  So, all we do is do the best we can within the limits we have to abide within.  But then pray that God will do way beyond what our limitations are. 
Just because you and I have limitations doesn’t mean that God has limitations.  So, here we go, Ephesians chapter three in verse 20….
As taught by Bruce Mahone, 20170226.  All Rights Reserved.
Verse Listing and Notes
Eph. 3:20                     God is able to do exceeding abundantly above
Isa 55:8-12                  God’s ways are higher than our ways
Mat. 26:52                   Jesus could have called twelve legions of angels
Josh. 10:1-14               God listened to a man and kept the sun high in the sky
Mat. 21:22                   Whatever we ask in prayer, believing, we shall receive
I John 5:14-15             Whatever we ask according to his will, he hears us
Heb. 4:15-16               Let us come boldly unto the throne of grace
Mat. 6:24-34               We are anxious for nothing, knowing that God is aware of our every need
God’s Abundance: Unlimited (#914)


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