The Importance of Loving God (#878)

The Importance of Loving God (#878)
Today we’ll continue what we covered last teaching, when we talked about the secret of radiant living, where we learned that if you don’t focus on yourself or other people, but rather focus on God – it will light up your life and give you great peace.  At the end of that teaching, as you may recall there were a few verses on loving God.  We’ll continue our study there.
I’ve learned that the more I look in the scriptures and live life the more I see the importance of simply loving God.  With everything going on around us, it is sometimes difficult to understand what our responsibility is as Christians.  As we continue our study, we’ll see it is to simply to love God and our neighbor.
Taught by Bruce Mahone 20150809.  All rights reserved.
Verse Listing and Notes

Deut. 6:4-5          Love the Lord thy God
Deut. 7:7-9          Them that love him
Deut. 10:12-16   Love him and serve
Deut. 11:1-25      Love the Lord
Deut. 30:15-20    Life and good
Joshua 22:1-5      Be diligent to love the Lord your God
I Chron. 10:1-14  How did Saul die?
Mat. 22:34-40      First and great commandment: love God
Rom. 8:28            All things work together for good
I John 5:2-3          For this is the love of God
The Importance of Loving God (878)

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