Practical Living: Turn Arounds, Part 1 – Paul (#857)

Practical Living: Turn Arounds, Part 1 – Paul  (#857)
Today we’re going to talk about turnarounds.  We often here about corporate turnarounds, where an experienced manager or leader is brought in to get a company profitable again.  God is real good at turnarounds and He can take people who are in real tough situations and turn things around so they come out victorious.  We’ve read many of these records before, but to address some recent questions we’ve had regarding Paul, we’ll take another look first at some Old Testament records and then we’ll review the records pertaining to Paul in the New Testament.
Taught by Bruce Mahone on 20140921.    All rights reserved.
Verse Listing
I Kings 21:18-29         Ahab was wicked, but humbled himself (vs. 29)
II Kings 20:1-11         Hezekiah sick unto death, prayed, and healed (vs. 7)
Acts 20:7-21:36          Paul went to Jerusalem against the will of the Lord


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