Living God’s Word – An Introduction to the Scriptures – Session 1

Living God’s Word – An Introduction to the Scriptures – Session 1

God bless you, this is Bruce, and I’m happy to inform you all in case you have not heard, I’ll be teaching the first session of Living God’s Word – An Introduction to the Scripture today.  The entire class, including the syllabus, or the notes, for the class is available on the website, 

Then in two weeks, on June 25 and 26th, 2016 I’ll be teaching the last six sessions, sessions seven to twelve at our out of town fellowship event at the Dundon’s home in Ebony, VA.  So anyone who would like to attend that event, is welcome, just listen today and listen to sessions 2 to 6 from the website independently and then show up in person in two weeks in Ebony, VA.  If you would like to join us in Ebony, just contact Brian Dundon on the website.  Brian and Mary-Rose Dundon will be hosting this event.

Again, sessions two to six are available from the website.  you’ll need to listen and work these sessions independently.

If anyone would like to call in for the live teaching of sessions seven to twelve, please let us know and we’ll make arrangements for that since we won’t have an exact schedule for when we’ll start.  We just know we’ll have two sessions Saturday morning, two sessions Saturday night and two sessions Sunday morning.  So if anyone is interested in calling in, just let us know by calling or texting us and we can call or text you and give you a 30 minute warning and then you can call in.

So let’s get started with Living God’s Word – An Introduction to the Scriptures.  For those of you that may be familiar with the ministry of Dr. Victor Paul Weirville, who taught many of us God’s Word, this class is based on his, but in no means is identical to it.  I’d say 80 to 90% of it is based on his class, but 10 to 20% is from some refinements I’ve made based on my work over the years.  So if you’ve taken his class you’ll recognize lots of it, but not all of it.

So here we go… an Introduction to the Scriptures, and Living Gods word is important — there are many academic things about the scriptures, many tremendous things one can learn by studying the languages, the history, and the geography; and to certain amounts we’ve all done that.  I spent time in graduate school studying these things and we’ve all learned many things in these areas, but this won’t be the focus of this class.  I will mention a few Greek and Hebrew words, I’ll mention a few oriental customs, and I’ll mention a few things on the geography, but the vast majority of this class will focus on how to live God’s Word.  How to apply it in your daily life; because if we can’t live God’s Word and have it help us be more effective Christians, and more effective people, and happier and more joyful people, and peaceful people and we can’t live God’s Word, then what’s the point?  It is just another academic exercise, like a Rubrics Cube, a Sudoku puzzle, or a crossword puzzle; and those are all fun, mental pursuits.  But God’s Word is much more than a mental pursuit, it is showing you how to live Gods Word and how to get help from God in your daily life.  So when you face the challenges which we all face, your not doing it alone but with God’s help. 

That will be the focus of the entire class.  We’ll start with how to pray and how to believe God and we’ll end with how to actually manifest, or operate, the power of God in your daily life.  And in between we’ll learn allot of other details about how to read the Bible, how to understand it when you read it, how to deal with difficult verses which are confusing, and just how to make God’s Word a real, living part of your daily life.  So your life can be more successful, more peaceful, happier, more prosperous, healthier, and so you can help others with these things as well.
So, let’s start in John chapter 10 verse 10…

Taught by Bruce Mahone 20160612.  All rights reserved.

Verse Listing and Notes

John 10:10
Jer. 2:13
Mat. 22:37, 38
Hosea 4:6a

What’s Available
III John 2
Philippians 4:19
II Corinthians 9:8
Romans 8:37
Ephesians 3:16-20
Why so many promises? God’s love for us
Deut. 7:8
Jer. 31:3
Romans 2:4
John 3:16
Hundreds of other promises in God’s Word.
How to Receive
Matthew 21:22 – ask in prayer, believing
Hebrews 11:6 – must believe


Living God’s Word – An Introduction to the Scriptures – Session 1

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    Hi and God blessings to you Bruce 🩷
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