Judges 1 and 2 (#1007)

Judges 1 and 2 (#1007)
Well, welcome.  In our previous sessions we read through several sections in the book from the book of Judges.  We know from the book of Exodus that the children of Isreal had a real hard time crossing the wilderness, they didn’t listen to what God said about claiming the promised land, they kept saying they were going to die in the wilderness and God finally got fed up with them and said: “well OK, you think you are going to die in the wilderness, go ahead and die in the wilderness.”  So, the adults that came out of Egypt with Moses and crossed the Red Sea, they all died.  And it was their children that were very young when they left Egypt or born in the wilderness; they’re the ones that entered into the promise land with Joshua.  And in the book of Joshua for the most part the children of Israel walked with God.
There were a few problems like with the situation at AI and a few others, but for the most part, the children of Israel walked with God.  And claimed, not all, very but much of the land that God had promised to them.  And as long as Joshua was there and those that had served with Joshua were alive, they continued to walk with God.  And at the end of the book of Joshua, it said that not one word failed of anything that God had promised the Israelites; all claim to pass.
Then we’re about to start into the book of Judges.  So again, the book of Exodus the children of don’t do well, in the book of Joshua, the children of Israel do real well for the most part.  Now the book of Judges is a bit of a roller coaster.  In one chapter, they’re really walking with God as there is a judge, which is the term used for a leader that God would put His spirit on and raise up to lead the children of Israel.
So, in one chapter you have a judge leading them and they would listen and they would push out the neighboring countries who would try to enslave them, they were very safe and prosperous.  Then the Judge would die and they would tend to go back into idolatry and follow the gods of the people in Canaan that they hadn’t chased out yet.  These are the ones that God said would be thorns in their side because they would tempt them to worship false gods.  And then things would get so bad that the children of Israel would cry unto the Lord for help and He would raise up another judge, a fellow or in some case a woman, that would have the spirit of God on them to lead them out of the bondage they were in.
So, it was a real up and down.  Again, we probably won’t read all the book of Judges, but we’ll read portions of it to give you an idea of what happens.  So, let’s start here in Judges chapter one…
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Verse Listing and Notes
Judges 1 – Attempts to Claim the Land
Judges 2 – Summary of Israel’s Ups and Downs
Judges 1 and 2 (#1007)

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