God’s Care: Resilience, Part 1 (#947)

God’s Care: Resilience, Part 1 (#947)
Good morning. We’re going to continue our series on God’s care for us and today we’ll talk about it from the point of view of resilience. We all know people that are very resilient and can bounce back from any kind of challenge they may have. We also know people that hit one stumbling block or have one little problem and then they never seem to pick up and move on form there. Well God gives us the ability to be resilient because no matter what may go wrong in our lives, no matter what we may lose, no matter what difficulty may be ahead of us, God can get us through that and move on to the next part of our lives. So we will talk about it today and we may actually continue it for the next few sessions looking at many of the wonderful believers in God’s word who faced tremendous challenges, it looked like totally defeat, it looked like everything was going wrong, yet they came back and not only recovered, but prospered. I think of some people that aren’t in the notes for today, like Job: he lost everything, he – it literally says he survived by the skin of his teeth. Yet when his life turned around, he ended up with more than he’d had before, twice as much. And there are so many people like that. Abraham started with so little and end up with so much, Joseph, in prison in Egypt, went from being the youngest son in a moderately prosperous family to being a slave, then being a prisoner, and ended up being the second most powerful man in that entire part of the world. There are so many records of people who have such great resilience, their lives turn around you can call them — in the business world they call them come-back kings or something, or turn-around kings because they somehow took a bad situation and made it very good with God’s help. So we’ll read about a few of those today and then as I say, we may continue on other sessions to do that. But the point of it is, part of God’s care for us is He helps us be resilient. There may be people that will help you be resilient when you have a challenge, and that is wonderful when they are, but whether there are people there or not to help you be resilient, God will be there to help you be resilient. And He will help you bounce back from whatever challenge you have and come out even more successful and prosperous as a result. So let’s go into first Kings chapter 21…
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Verse Listing and Notes
I Kings 21:18-29     Ahab was wicked, but humbled himself (vs. 29)
II Kings 20:1-11      Hezekiah sick unto death, prayed, and healed (vs. 7)
Acts 20:7-21:40      Paul went to Jerusalem against the will of the Lord
God’s Care: Resilience Part 1 (#947)

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