God's Abundance: Persistence (#926)

God’s Abundance: Persistence (#926)
Good morning, we’ll continue today with our series on God’s Abundance. We’ve seen that God has abundance available for us in many, many ways. And today we’re going to talk about persistence. God is abundantly persistent to be there to supply our needs, to direct our paths, to give us the desires of our hearts, to protect us in every way. And, as the result, we need to be abundantly persistent in our prayers, and our looking to God. We hear stories all the time about people that are persistent. Think of some of the stories we’ve heard: what, did Abraham Lincoln lose the first five elections he was in? And I think the first one he won, was to be President. Something like that. And there are other people that you read about, like great football coaches: that guy that was the famous coach of the Greenbay Packers forever, I can’t remember his name. But he just failed and failed and failed, and then all of the sudden he was coaching a team that went on to beat everybody in the country for years. And not that we’re all looking for failure, but we all have challenges, we all have some successes and failures. And the people that tend to succeed are people that just persist. If they have successes, they keep at it and get more successes. No matter how many failures they may have, they don’t care, they look beyond it, and they move ahead. And so we know this even in the business world, we know it in the sports world, we know it in the political world, and how much greater when we have God promises. That was just people with their own determination, and you can do an awesome lot with your own determination. But imagine when you add the blessing of God and the power of God in there. Then you can go way, way beyond what somebody with their own persistence can do. Some we’ll be reading about how God wants us to be abundantly persistent when we go there. Because He is abundantly persistent to take care of us, so He wants us to be abundantly persistent as well. So, let’s start in Luke chapter 18…
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Verse Listing and Notes
Luke 18:1-8          Men ought always to pray, and not to faint
Gen. 18:20-33      Abraham reasoned with God about Sodom’s destruction
II Kings 4:18-37   He walked in the house to and fro…child sneezed seven times
I Kings 18:41-45  Elijah prayed, and it rained – James 5:17-18
Mark 8:22-25       Men as trees walking
Rom. 1:8-13          I purposed (determined) to come unto you, but was let (forbidden)
Col. 4:1-4               Praying…that God would open unto us a door of utterance (vs. 3)
Rom. 12:10-14      Patient in mental pressure, continuing instant [steadfastly, faithful, persevering, be constant] in prayer (vs. 12)
God’s Abundance: Persistence (#926)

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