God's Abundance: Call Upon Him (#923)

God’s Abundance: Call Upon Him (#923)
Good morning, as you can tell from our web site, we’ve been going trough a series of sessions on God’s abundance.  And the focus is on (and I don’t know if we’ll hit all of them) at least some of the many, many ways that God has great abundance for us.  The obvious way is our fiancial abundance, but there are so many other ways where He has just lots and lots of abundance for us.  What we’ll talk about today is we have the abundant opportunity to call on Him at any time.  Some people think thay can only call on God when they’re hanging by their finger nail off the end of a cliff or when their on their last nickle and about to starve to death, or when they’re being attacked by vulcans, for you Star-Trek fans.  But of course none of that is true; we can, and should call on the name of the Lord at all times.  He wants us to.  Think of a young child, a very young child, that really can’t do anything without his mother, or some other nice person taking care of him.  That is the way we are; we are God’s kids.  He didn’t call us Titans or anything; we’re  His kids.  We need God’s help, we need God’s support, we need His direction; in all that we do.  And He will always be ther for us.  So, it is appropriate that we call on the name of the Lord at all times.  So, let’s get started.  And there are a couple of other words that are very similar in context: crying unto to the Lord, seeking the Lord, we’ll see a few of those pop up here, but we’re going to focus on “calling on the Lord.”  Let’s start in I Samuel chapter 12…

As taught by Bruce Mahone, 20170709.  All rights reserved.
Verse Listing and Notes
I Sam 12:1-12             They cried (called) on the Lord, and dwelled safe (vs. 10-11)
II Sam 22:1-4               I will call on the Lord, who is worthy to be praised (vs. 4)
Psalm 17:6-7               I have called, for thou wilt hear
Psalm 63:1                   Early will I seek thee
Psalm 86:5-7               In the day of my trouble I will call upon thee: thou wilt answer me (vs. 7)
Jer. 29:10-14                Ye shall call upon me and I will hearken unto you (vs. 12)
Ye shall seek me and find me (vs. 13)
Hosea 7                       No one called upon the Lord (vs. 7)  No one cried unto Him (vs. 14)
I Cor. 1:2                      To all that call upon the name of Jesus Christ our Lord
God’s Abundance: Call on Him (#923)

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