Radiant Every Day, Part 2 (#997)

Radiant Every Day, Part 2 (#997)
Good morning. Today we’re on part two of Being Radiant Everyday. Last time we looked at a wonderful study, which was done years ago we just adapted it a little bit to daily life today. The main points of that teaching were if you look to yourself and focus on your own life too much, you’ll get miserable because you’ll see faults and shortcomings. If you look to others and see what they’re doing, it is just a distraction, because they have to live their lives and you have to live yours. If you spend your time looking at somebody else and wonder if they’re doing well or poorly, it doesn’t help that much. But if you look to God you become peacefully radiant. It says in Psalm 34, they looked onto Him and they were radiant. We all know Isaiah 26:3, those that stay their minds on God have perfect peace. So, what a treat. And now we’re going to look at the conclusion of that study, and we can call it Radiant Every Day, Part 2. And the conclusion of not focusing on yourself, not focusing on others, but looking to God is that we should love God. We should simple focus on loving God and as we do that everything in our life works wonderfully. So, let’s start today in Joshua chapter 22.
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Verse Listing and Notes
Conclusion: Love God
Joshua 22:1-5              Be diligent to love the Lord your God
Psalms 62:7-8              Trust in the rock of my strength, my refuge, pour out your hearts before him
Ecclesiastes 12:13       Whole duty of man: fear God and keep his commandments
Matthew 22:34-40       First and great commandment: love God
Romans 8:28                All things work together for good
Ephesians 1                 So many blessings in Christ!
Radiant Every Day, Part 2 (#997)


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