Predestination and Freedom of Will

Predestination and Freedom of Will
The Predestination and Freedom of Will class looks at those things we can choose in our lives and those things that have been chosen for us. It also explores scriptures which describe the depth of God’s understanding and his ability to give us the desires of our hearts, as well as prayer according to God’s will and the importance of the choices we make in life.
Taught by Bruce Mahone.    All rights reserved.
Class Syllabus
PFW Class Syllabus
Six Sessions taught in  March 2015.
Session 1- Introduction and What we can Choose [ 1:04:16]

Session 2 – What God Knows [52:36]

Session 3 – Predestination and Foreknowledge [16:39]

Session 4 – What you Desire [49:18]

Sessions 5 & 6 – Prayer According to God’s Will, a Godly Attitude and Conclusion [59:57]

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