Most Reliable (#986)

Most Reliable (#986)
Good morning!  We’re going to talk today about one of the great truths we all know, that God is the most reliable.  Reliability is something we all deal with.  I was explaining earlier that my pretty-nice car that had driven well for the first 226,000 miles, all of the sudden stopped.  The engine just freezed-up for no apparent reason.  It has maintenance, it had been checked, it had been to the shop, it had all its fluids, but it just quit.  And that happens.  Just when you think: ‘this car is indestructible; it will go another 200,000 miles’ it just quit.  And we know that about people.  We all deal with people in business relationships, and with things like a car, do you trust your mechanic, is he reliable?  In your personal relationships; some people are very reliable, some people are totally unreliable, most people are somewhere in between. 
So we enjoy people, but one of the first things that I do is if I’m going to have any kind of interaction with a person that is going to be more than saying hello on the street, is I need to find out how reliable they are and I don’t ask them, because they will tell me whatever that want.  I just sort of watch.  And after awhile you find out this person is always there.  You know I’ve had friends that you didn’t believe they were going to show up until you saw the whites of their eyes.  And once you know that you’re fine.  Because, if they show up – great, and whatever we’re going to do, we can go do.  If they don’t, well, you have a backup plan because they don’t show up have the time.  I have some neighbors that are getting their house redecorated; the guy has been working on it for like a year because he is not very fast.  I hope he’s good and cheap, because he is certainly not fast.  But they have come to live with that; no matter what he says, add a month to it.  And I’ve have places were you go to some building a lot and they say they’re redecorating this or you know they’re refurbishing or redoing part of the building and you come to find out that like a hotel that is near my house, that is an old historic place that they were redoing and when I asked the staff how long it would take to reopen, I usually had to add about three months to it, because I had noticed that whatever they told me it would be going on a couple of months.  So, when they told me it would be done in February, I thought OK; I will come back in May.  And that is about what it took; it got done eventually. 
So, we all have to deal with the concept of reliability.  Is the equipment reliable, are people reliable, are other things reliable?  Sometimes they are, often they are not.  And the more we come to understand that, and not rely on those things, but the less we will be frustrated and upset about our plans falling through.  So, I’m glad I wasn’t planning to visit that; I used to like to plan on going to lunch at that hotel, but I took about six-months off.  But that is OK, there are other places to eat lunch.  So, it is OK, but had I been all upset at them for being slow in their construction, I would have just had a miserable six months, but I didn’t – I just find it very amusing.  Of course, I chose to find most things amusing; it seems easier to live that way.  But God is so reliable we don’t have to have that; we don’t have to have to say: “I’m going to find out if God is reliable, then take it from there.”  You know, adjust.  You know here is a great coffee cup Mary-Rose it says: “Death before Decaf” that’s cute.  Let’s go to II Chronicles chapter 13…
As taught by Bruce Mahone 20200209.  All rights reserved.
Verse Listing and Notes
II Chronicles 13          The children of Judah prevailed, because they relied [Heb. Sha-an: to rest, rely, lean upon, support oneself] upon the LORD God (vs. 18)
II Chronicles 16          Thou hast relied on the king of Syria, and not relied [Heb. Sha-an] on the LORD thy God (vs. 7)
Psalms 34:22               None of them that trust [Heb. Chasa: seek refuge, flee for protection, put trust in, confide or hope in] in him shall be desolate
Psalms 118:5-9            It is better to trust [Heb. Chasa] in the Lord than to put confidence in man (vs. 8)
Proverbs 3:5                Lean [Heb. Sha-an] not unto thine own understanding
Isaiah 31:1                   Woe to them…stay [Heb. Sha-an] on horses…but they look not unto the Holy One of Israel
Isaiah 50:10-11           Let him trust in the name of the Lord and stay [Heb. Sha-an] upon his God
Daniel 3:28                 God delivered his servants that trusted [Aram. rechats: set one’s trust on] in him
Romans 12:10-14       Patient in mental pressure, continuing instant [steadfastly, faithful, persevering, be constant] in prayer (vs. 12)
II Corinthians 1:8-10   We should trust in God which raiseth the dead
(Titus 1:9                       Holding fast the faithful word)
Most Reliable (#986)

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