Judges 6 and 7 (#1009)

Judges 6 and 7 (#1009)
Good morning! We’re going to continue our series today that we started several weeks ago on the books of Joshua, Judges, and Ruth. And, this particular section of Judges, chapters six through eight, to many people is perhaps the only thing they know know the book of Judges. So, it is a very significant section and it deals with a Judge named Gideon. And the record of Gideon is remarkable in many ways. In some ways its very predictable because it is one of the situations where the children of Israel have walked away from God, so a neighboring country had come in and enslaved the Israelites, until they finally realized they were in a mess, and prayed and asked God for help, and God sent a judge in to to deliver them.
That is pretty typical that you see through entire book of Judges: that sort of roller coaster ride I told you about, that at the top of the roller coaster they’re praying and trusting God, then the Judge dies, they turn away from God and they go back to idolatry and get down to the bottom of the roller coaster. And God has to help them climb back up to the top of the roller coaster. So that is pretty typical, what is unique is the way God called Gideon and the way Gideon responded. Gideon was a fellow that had no leadership background that it talks about, had no background trusting God or walking with God, like you have with someone like Samuel that we’ll get to later on. Yet God called him and Gideon tried hard to do what God told him, but he had a hard time trusting God. So he kept asking God for signs and encouragement. And God kept giving it to him. And, every time God did a little more to encourage Gideon, Gideon would act a little more on God’s word, but then ask for more signs, and more support and then towards the end, without even being asked God is doing things to support Gideon. And in the end, God of course brings great victory to the Israelites through the leadership of Gideon.
But if you read the record of Gideon, and then think about our own lives, what’s obvious is that if you have a heart to love God and serve God, and help His people, God will work with you and He’ll meet you right were you are. It is so common for people to get discouraged when they read about Jesus Christ, or the apostle Paul, or Moses, or any of the other wonderful leaders in the Bible and say: “Gee, I couldn’t possibly be like them.” And, it’s true it would be hard to rise up and be a King David or a Solomon, but when you read Gideon, he’s a little more relatable. Because he’s going through the type of challenges, and doubts and misunderstanding we all go through every day. And if God could work with a Gideon and bring deliverance, I think he can work with you and me. And, obviously we’re different people, in different situations, different countries, different administrations than Gideon was in, yet that there is still that need to know God and trust God and walk with God. And, that just takes time and patience to get there, and God will be there to help us. So, it is a wonderful record and I’m so delighted to be able to share it with you today.
This is a record we’ve all read many times, but let’s just look at it from the particular point of view that here’s a guy that is trying to believe God, but he’s having a hard time, and his asked God to help him and He does. It reminds me of the book of James: “If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God who giveth to all men freely and upbraideth not and it shall be given him.” And, it reminds of verses in, I think Philippians where it said: “It’s God that worketh in you, both to will and to do of His good pleasure.” So, we can ask God for wisdom. We know He is working within us, He’s not possessing us, but He’s working within us to encourage us to walk with Him and trust Him. And then there are wonderful verses in Proverbs were “you trust in the Lord with all your heart, lean not to your own understanding, in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths.”  He’s going to direct your paths. And then, verses like: I think it is Psalms 37, maybe Psalms 34, where it says that if you turn all your concerns over to God, He’ll hear you. And, there are so many other wonderful ones like that, and they all are sort of exemplified, or become and example to us in the record of Gideon.

So, I know every record in the Bible is wonderful and I know everyone is unique, but here is one I can really relate to, and I think most people can. Because I think most people go through the kind of challenges Gideon did or does. And, the next time that happens to you, where you want to believe God, but you are having a hard time, instead of getting all down on yourself, or getting mad at God for not doing more for you, why not do what Gideon did? And, just ask for help. Now obviously God may just deal with you in a different way than He dealt with Gideon, but He’ll be just as faithful. To supply your needs, direct your paths, give you the desires of your heart, and give you great victory in all that you do. So, with that brief introduction, which wasn’t so brief, let’s go to Judges chapter six…

As taught by Bruce Mahone, 20201213.  All rights reserved.
Verse Listing and Notes
Judges 6 – Gideon called
Judges 7 – Gideon triumphant
Judges 6 and 7 (#1009)

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