I Samuel 4 -7  (#1015)

I Samuel 4 -7  (#1015)

Good morning and God bless you!  We’re going to continue the series we’ve been doing for a while.  We started at the beginning of Joshua.  And went through much of Joshua, much of Judges, all of Ruth, and last time we covered the first three chapters of the book on first Samuel, that talked about a wonderful woman named Hanna, who prayed for a son and gave birth to Samuel.  Who went up at a young age and served in the house of the Lord, and became what we often say served as the last of the judges of Israel and the first of the prophets.  And what people call the great prophets perhaps.  So, a wonderful fella and we are going to continue with his life and ministry.  And remember…well, let

As taught by Bruce Mahone 20210307.  All rights reserved.

Verse Listing and Notes

I Samuel 4 – The Philistines invade, the ark is lost

I Samuel 5 – The Philistines are troubled with the ark

I Samuel 6 – The ark returns to Israel

I Samuel 7 – Israel returns to the Lord


I Samuel 4 -7 (#1015)

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