God's Might (#990)

God’s Might (#990)
Good morning. I, like many of you, like to read the Bible in the morning. And the way I like to do it is get one of these one year Bible apps on the phone; I’ve had them before in book form, where every morning you read say a couple of chapters in the Old Testament, a chapter in the New Testament, and half a Psalm, and a few verses in Proverbs. And throughout the course of a year you go through the whole Bible. That’s the way I like to read the Bible, but there are many ways to do it. And recently I ran across a couple of sections of scripture that I thought I’d share with you today that I think are very appropriate to our big challenge with this virus, which is making things challenging for many people. And the topic we’re going to cover is God’s might. And we’re going to start by going to II Kings 18…
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Verse Listing and Notes
II Kings 18-20             Hezekiah – the Assyrians and sick unto death
Ephesians 3:20           God can do exceeding abundantly above
God’s Might (#990)

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