God's Care: Learning (#941)

God’s Care: Learning (#941)
Welcome! Today, we are going to continue our series on God’s Care for us. We’ve looked through many sessions at the many ways God cares for us. And the way we’ll look at it today is that He helps us to keep learning. I know that in education, terms change from time to time and as some new approach gets popular, often for the better, but one term that has been around for a long time is what we call continuing education. Usually referring to adults who have finished their basic schooling and have gone and worked, but then want to keep learning more after that. I used to work for an organization where we had what we called life-long learning; we had programs that taught children starting in about second grade and would keep giving you classes ’till you were past retirement. So, there are all kinds of approaches to learning; we all know how important it is to keep growing. But what we are going to talk about today is how God helps people learn, and the point of it is, it doesn’t matter your age. We will see some very, very old people that keep learning and growing and we will see some very, very young people that keep learning and growing, and some people in middle-age are learning and growing. So, its not a matter of your age or where you are, it a matter that because God cares for us, He wants to help us keep learning, and He’ll continue to teach us. So we should never have the attitude that we’ve learned all we can learn and we can’t grow anymore and God’s done teaching us. Because He cares for us so much, that He’ll continue to help us learn. So let’s go to Genesis chapter 12…
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Verse Listing and Notes
Genesis 12:1-9                      Abraham moved to Canaan when 75 years old
Exodus 2:11-3:15                  Moses at 40 and at 80
I Samuel 2:18-21, 26; 3        Samuel as a young man
Proverbs 4:13; 8:33; 15:32  Instruction
Luke 2:41-52                          Jesus Christ increased in wisdom and stature (vs. 52) (Heb. 5:8)
Galations 2:11-15                 Paul confronted Peter regarding living under the law (Phil 4:11)
Hebrews 12:1-11                  Chasten/chastise: Discipline
II Timothy 3:10-17                Continue in the things thou hast learned
God’s Care: Learning (#941)

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