God's Abundance: Delight (#930)

God’s Abundance: Delight (#930)
We’ll continue our series on God’s abundance today, looking at the great delight we have. Again, as with so many things in life, everybody is delighted about something. But some people have a very limited number of things they are delighted about and limited periods of time in which they are
delighted. And they spend the rest of the time being worried or upset about something. But God is very delighted in us; He has an abundance of delight in us and we can have an abundance of delight in God. And, as you’ll see as we go through this — and we’ve looked at some of these scriptures in the past, but we’re looking at it today from the point of view of abundance; that our lives can be filled with an abundance of being delighted about life. Just every day, every minute, there is something to be delighted about if we chose to. There is also plenty to get us upset. But there is plenty to be delighted about and a great thing we’ll see as we get into God’s word is that as we’re delighted in the things of God, God blesses us. So it doesn’t matter what anybody else says or does. And if you really want to read a great historical record of somebody who was a master of this, there is a book called
“Delighted in God” by Roger Spear about a fella, a minister of the Gospel, that lived around 1900’ish, in England named George Mueller. And, it might have been earlier, it might have been the 1880s, but it was around 1900 sometime. And it was a very tough time in England; the industrial revolution
was well under way, people were moving out of the villages and into the cities, parents were dying in factory accidents there were literally orphans on the street, just wandering. We’re use to some homeless people in our cities, but they are generally adults. Can you imagine being in a city where
on every corner there were 20, five year old kids, with nowhere to live and no food? That is way it was in parts of England. So he just felt that God put it on his heart to help the orphans, so he prayed and he had a rule that he never asked anybody for anything; he told God what he needed. And he prayed
and God just did unbelievable things. He went from nothing from having this huge; I’ve seen pictures of it, it looks like a huge college campus with a bunch of large brick dormitories. Very large. And he got staff, and he got the orphans fed and educated, and got jobs, and the thing that was great was
that he always looked to God. There are great records which we may have talked about before, or you may have read about where they assembled all the kids in dining room, hundreds of kinds for breakfast, and there was no food.  But they would bring them in, at seven-o-clock we have breakfast, sit down and God is going to provide. And as they were sitting down a truck would roll up with fresh bread. And the baker would say, I tried to sleep last night, but God woke me up and told me to make a truck full of bread and take to the orphanage. And there was food. And there are just page after page of things like that happening. And now, not that we should all go start orphanages, but what you learn is if you simply look to God and trust God, God will do great things. Our problem is there are always circumstances in the world that want to hold us back, there are people, there are circumstances, we have shortcomings, we have areas where we are not as strong, there are areas where we don’t accomplish what we want to, other people do things to make life difficult for us, but the great thing you learn in looking at the scriptures and by reading a book like “Delighted in God” is that God is bigger than all those circumstances. Don’t deny that those circumstances exist, but God is bigger. And God can do more, we just have to look to Him and get delighted in God. So, it will be a fun time today, I’m very excited about reading these scriptures. And they’ll apply, and the other thing you’ve got to realize is they’ll apply to each of us a little differently. George Mueller, his, the thing God put on his heart was to start orphanages. You know, you might want to survive tomorrow without smacking anybody, because people are being so meanto you, you really want to smack them, but you can’t. It might be coming up on the first of the month and you might be concerned with coming up with enough money to pay the rent. That may be your issue. We’ll God will come through for you. We all have issues, we all have challenges, and whatever it is you need to do, where ever it is you need help from God, get delighted about God, get delighted about His ability to help you, and focus on Him. You can’t really ignore the situations around you, but you don’t have to focus on tit, you don’t have to dwell on it, you don’t have to fixate on it. You know like when I’m driving and there is a lot of traffic, a lot of potholes; I can’t ignore it, its there, but I don’t have to site there and get all bummed
out and be miserable because there is traffic. You just see the light at the end of the tunnel, I’ll get through the traffic, when I pull through it, and it has happened every time so far.. It is like when I’m at a swimming pool and there is a bunch of people and the lifeguard looks really nervous, I walk by
and say: don’t worry, I’ve never drowned in a swimming pool. Sometimes they smile, usually they don’t. But the thing is, and the same with traffic, I’ve been in traffic a gazillion times, like you have, but I’ve always gotten though it, I’m still here, it hasn’t killed me yet and I don’t expect it to. At any
rate, on we go: God’s Abundance: Delight, let’s start in Psalm 1…
As taught by Bruce Mahone 20171029.  All rights reserved.
Verse Listing and Notes
Psalms 1:1-3              His delight is in the law of the Lord
Psalms 37:3-5            Delight thyself also in the Lord
Psalms 37:11             Delight themselves in abundance of peace
Psalms 37:23             The Lord delighteth in the way of a good man
Psalms 40:1-8            I delight to do thy will, O my God
Psalms 43:4               God my exceeding joy (NLT: the source of all my joy; NIV: my joy and my delight; lit: gladness of my joy)
Psalms 94:17-19, 22  Thy comforts delight my soul
Psalms 112:1-8           Blessed is the man that delighteth greatly in his commandments
Psalms 119:16            I will delight myself in thy statutes
Psalms 119:24            Thy testimonies are my delight
Psalms 119:33-35       I delight in thy commandments
Psalms 119:46-47       I will delight myself in thy commandments, which I have loved
Psalms 119:69-70       I delight in thy law
Psalms 119:77             Thy law is my delight
Psalms 119:92,93        Unless thy law had been my delights, I should have perished in my affliction
Psalms 119:143           Thy commandments are my delight
Psalms 119:174           Thy law is my delight
Proverbs 15:8               The prayer of the upright is his delight
Jeremiah 9:23-24          In these things I delight, saith the Lord
God’s Abundance: Delight (#930)

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