Old Testament Believers

Old Testament Believers
The Old Testament Believers class covers a variety of Old Testament records, with an emphasis on principles of prayer and believing.  An overview of the related chronology and geography is also included.
Taught by Bruce Mahone.    All rights reserved.
Class Syllabus
To be provided when available.
Four Sessions taught in 2005.
Session 1 [1:14:12]

Session 2, Part 1 [1:11:30]

Session 2, Part 2 [119:55]

Session 3 [53:01]

Session 4 [1:04:09]

4 thoughts on “Old Testament Believers

    1. bedundon Post author

      Thank-you for your comment. I’ll pass your comment onto Bruce. God bless you richly in the name of Christ Jesus.
      Brian (the Web Administrator)

  1. Mary Burnworth

    Such a wonderful blessing to be able to listen to these teachings. Thank you for making these available. Is there any chance of getting the class handout for this class?

    1. bedundon Post author

      We’re pleased you are finding the teachings and God’s word a blessing. Currently, no syllabus or handout is available. If taught live again, we will likely prepare one, but currently one doesn’t exist.
      Brian (the web administrator)


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