Class Teachings

Class Teachings

Foundational Classes (start here)
     Forgiveness – A Biblical Studies Class – Bruce Mahone
     Living God’s Word – An Introduction to the Scriptures – Bruce Mahone
     Introduction to Biblical Texts – Bruce Mahone
     Old Testament Believers – Bruce Mahone
     Path to Financial Abundance – Bruce Mahone
     Science and the Bible – Bruce Mahone, Joe Keiser, and Joey Seed
     Stayed Mind and the Peace of God – Bruce Mahone
As taught in October 2022 as the “Peace of God Class.
     The Goodness of God – Bruce Mahone
     Trusting God – Bruce Mahone
     Walking with God – Bruce Mahone

Intermediate Classes
     Age of Grace – Bruce Mahone
     The Challenge of Biblical Research– Bruce Mahone
     Let Grace Abound – Bruce Mahone
     Let Grace Abound, Part 2 – Bruce Mahone
     Let Grace Abound, Part 3 – Bruce Mahone
     Living God’s Word – Studies in Worship Manifestations  – Bruce Mahone
     Who is Jesus Christ – Bruce Mahone
     The Return of the Lord – Bruce Mahone

Advanced Classes
     The Revelation and Impartation Manifestations– Bruce Mahone and Doug Seed
     Predestination and Freedom of Will – Bruce Mahone

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4 thoughts on “Class Teachings

  1. Charles Gibbs

    We had a little trouble finding your new website (took a bit of time) but we are thankful that we found you and are really grateful that you still have “Stayed Mind and the Peace of God” on the teaching list. This is one of those teachings that I have needed to listen to over and over again when the old cranky mind strays from Gods thoughts.
    We have been and are exceedingly blessed by you and the Word Of God that you continue to make available; it is a big blessing to our lives.
    Always in Gods Grace,
    Charles & Debbie Gibbs
    Avondale AZ.

  2. bedundon Post author

    Charles and Debbie,
    I’ve passed your comment on to Bruce. I’m sure he will be pleased to hear from you and that you are making good use of the teachings. God bless you richly in Christ’s name.
    Brian (the web administrator).

  3. Merri McGarry

    God bless! I was speaking to a friend who informed about this site. Yay! I look forward to enjoying the richness of God’s Word expounded by a pastor with a teaching ministry as well. There was a time that the closest fellowship was over 50 miles away and the closest bus stop was 2 miles away. (I didn’t have a car) In fact, I would catch a train to Stockton to attend weekends in the Word where Bruce was sharing what God was showing him. That would only allow me 2 or 3 times a year for fellowship. But, I would be online regularly and be filled for over 3 years with the spiritual nourishment I needed to continue to walk with Abba and the love of Christ. I moved to San Diego and fellowship regularly now. I remain thankful for the Word that was served to me by Bruce and his ministry. It brought through a tough time. Just wanted to share that. Thinking of you with thankfulness and joy, Merri McGarry

    1. bedundon Post author

      Very good to hear from you! Thank you for the words of encouragement, Bruce will be glad to hear that his teachings have blessed you. All the best to you and yours! God Bless you richly in Christ name,
      Brian (the Web Admin)


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