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We are pleased to be able to host the teachings of Bruce Mahone and share other godly content.

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Thank-you and God Bless!

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  1. Charles

    Once again; your teaching on “The Peace Of God” has had a dramatic impact on our lives. It seems that each time I write to you it is to thank you for that class. It also seems that every few years there comes an overwhelming opportunity that requires a stayed mind on the peace of (from) God and your teaching of Gods word on this subject has helped us through every one of those rough times.
    To me, that is the best teaching ever recorded concerning the practical application of Gods word in every day life situations. That teaching of Gods word is powerful and quickly (a clear example of the two edge sward) releases us from the old man nature of fear, failure, self condemnation, etc. that can and does easily beset us and brings us back to seeing things from Gods perspective instead of mans perspective.
    That, always perfectly renewed mind, still eludes me; when it does I fall back to that teaching time and time again to receive strength and healing.
    We love you and God bless you!
    Charles Gibbs

    1. bedundon Post author

      Thank-you for your comments. I’ll pass this on to Bruce. God bless you!
      Brian (the web admin)

  2. Gemma Matteo

    Hi Bruce, I am listening to a series of teachings you did in Pa in 2001. Jeff Duclos had you in to teach Jesus Christ is not God…and the Return of the Lord.
    The cassettes have been on a shelf …..I am so blessed I decided to listen to the again!
    PA BIBLE is a joy and blessing to us here in Pa. Pastor Shawn Weir and Sam Pittenger are just awesome men of God. Jeff knew what he wa doing….teaching these young men to walk with God!
    Anyway….I just wanted to thank you….for these wonderful teachings. God bless you.

    1. bedundon Post author

      Thank-you for the message; I’ve passed it on to Bruce. God bless you richly in Christ’s name!
      Brian (the website Administrator)

  3. Eddie Morales

    Bruce, I had trouble finding you. The old link from Cortright Fellowship doesn’t seem to exist. But I googled your name & found you.

    1. bedundon Post author

      We’re glad you did. Welcome! Please let us know if you have any difficulties or have feedback. I’ll also pass your e-mail address on to Bruce… Brian (the web administrator)

  4. Eddie Morales

    Bruce, I really enjoyed the Pentecost teaching.
    Although I’m a few weeks behind, every teaching from you seems fresh, informative and easy to understand.

    1. bedundon Post author

      Thank-you for your comment, we’re happy you are finding the teachings helpful. I’ll pass your comment onto Bruce.
      God bless!
      Brian, the Web Admin.

  5. Anastasia

    Hello! My friend Muriel Scapiletto referred me to this page and Bruce . Looking forward to listening and fellowship. God bless!


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