Welcome and God bless you richly in the name of His son and our Lord Jesus Christ!
Here is some good, Godly content for you to check out.

Class Teachings contains classes regarding God’s Word and other important subjects.
Weekly Teachings contains recordings from our fellowship teachings.
Other Teachings provides other teachings that you may find useful.

Fellowship Schedule contains details on when and where we will meet until the return of our Lord.  Please attend in-person or call in when you can.

Announcements contains announcement of any upcoming events.

About contains some information about this site and us and how you can donate to our mission if you feel so led.

Fellowship Teaching Series
Please join us for the next scheduled Sunday teaching.  More information on the schedule and call in number can be found on the Fellowship Schedule page.

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13 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Sue Shaw

    Hi and God bless you and your efforts to make God’s Word available to others. I began listening to the series Bruce Mahone made available on “Turn Around”. There was a problem while listening to the first session but I was able to work with it and hear the full teaching. The second session also has a problem where it stops playing at 5:36. I have not been able to get it to play past that time. Will you please correct this so that the full teaching can be heard? There are a number of people whom I have shared God’s Word with through long distance situations and do not have face to face interaction available. Since finding your site, I have directed a number of these people to your site to listen and hear more of God’s Word rightly divided. So please be aware that people do come to your site to be fed God’s Word which I know Bruce Mahone teaches with God’s love. Please correct this so that these people can depend on quality functioning of your site to listen to God’s precious Word. ~`~`~ Gratefully and Respectfully, Sue

    1. bedundon Post author

      Sue, God bless you richly in the name of Christ Jesus! Thanks for letting me know about the problem you are having with the audio playback — and that the materials and teachings are blessing you and others, I’ll be sure to let Bruce know. I believe the problems you experienced were network connection related. Usually, if there are network problems they can be overcome by downloading the audio file to your local computer and then opening it locally. I will add links to make this possible. Let me know if you are still experiencing issues. All God’s best to you, Brian

  2. Peter Lloyd

    Hello and God Bless;
    I am new to speak words of grace .org however, I have had the foundational, intermediate and advanced classes with others. I would like to be able to download these teachings onto my personal devices so to avoid any network connectivity issues while I play them back.
    These teachings are simply wonderful and I want to be able to share them with others. I am also telling people about your website.

    1. bedundon Post author

      Peter, Thanks for your posting and God bless you also. Please continue to witness and share the Words of life!
      Also, please let me know if you continue to experience problems downloading the materials.

  3. Steve Jaynes

    I have really enjoyed the teachings that I’ve been hearing from Bruce Mahone’s Weekly Teachings that he makes available on his website. He has been doing a series of some really great teachings that he’s entitled God’s Care Resilience, Part 1 through 5. These teachings have really helped me to see how God still works with us even though things around us might have changed. The things around us might change because of our mistakes or others mistakes. Things just might change because of times and seasons. But whatever circumstances we find ourselves in we can still rely on God because God cares for us.
    I have known Bruce for many years and have attended many of his, “Days in The Word”, “Family Camps” and Classes. He’s has always blessed me with his teaching style, his knowledge of God’s Word and his care for God’s people. I recommend listening to some of Bruce’s teachings that are available on his website.

  4. Clark Ratcliffe

    Hey, Bruce! I recently played “Quietness” at a local fellowship. It was a great blessing! Thanks so much, Love and peace,
    Clark Ratcliffe

    1. bedundon Post author

      Clark, This is great to hear! Thanks for letting us know. I will pass your comment on to Bruce… God bless you! Brian (the Web Admin).

  5. Andrea Phillips

    Greeting to you Bruce and all who assist him. I truly thank our Father for your lives and what you do for Him and His people. I have for years listen to your teachings on the computer and have always gotten so blessed. I’m always so blessed at how our wonderful Father in His most wonderful multiple ways minister to His children. So long ago I made a comment to you of how God was ministering to my heart on a computer with His Word via your teachings, and have always done that for me. The timing of them is always perfect in just what I need to hear, to encourage, comfort, remind, and strengthen. How good our Father is. Just wanted to say Thanks!

    1. bedundon Post author

      Andrea, Thank-you for your kind note. I’ll pass it along to Bruce. God bless you abundantly in Christ’s name. — Brian, the web administrator.

  6. Lynn Pappas

    Bruce, I am so happy. I found it !!!!!!!!! Yea!!!!
    A friend and I will be going thru each session and discussing it. Masterful job on this class. Thank you so much. Just wonderful. 12 sessions and ea is about 30 min long. Perfect.

    God bless you and Happy 4th.


  7. lynn Pappas

    Bruce, I AM trying to make a donation and it is not working? I click on the $0.00 to put in the amount and it just keeps going back and forth? Then I click on the credit card of choice and the $0.00 keeps going back and forth. Am I doing something wrong.

    I am sooo happy with these teachings, we would like to make a donation. Any suggestions? ( I tried both paypal and credit card)

    Lynn and God bless you.!!!


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