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New Focus: Love Others (#883)

New Focus: Love Others (#883)
Today we will continue our series on the love of God.  Several sessions ago we looked at the importance of loving God, last session we looked at the great truth that God Loves us, and today we’ll look at loving others.  None of this is very radical and you’ve probably read these verses at least tens times, but these are things we should have fresh in our minds.
Taught by Bruce Mahone 20151018, all rights reserved.
Verse Listing and Notes
Prov. 15:17              Better is a dinner of herbs than a stalled ox
Prov. 17:9                He that covereth a transgression seeketh love
Prov. 17:17              A friend loveth at all times
Mat. 5:43-46            Bless them that curse you
Mat. 18:21-22          Forgive seventy times seven
Mat. 22:37-40          Love thy neighbor as thyself
Mark 12:28-34        More than all whole burnt offerings
Luke 6:27-38           Be ye therefore mericful, as your Father also
Luke 7:36-50           To whom little is forgiven, loveth little
John 13:34-35         By this shall all know that ye are my disciples
John 15:9-13 (-19)   If ye keep my commandments, ye shall abide in my love – greater love hath no man than that he lay down his life for his friends
883 New Focus: Love Others

Trusting God

Trusting God
In this class, we’re going to learn some very, very, simple, practical things you can do to trust God in your daily life.  It may be so simple that you might walk away saving: “well that was obvious” — and that is good, we want it to be obvious, we want everything we cover here to be something you can apply in your everyday life.  This class is not about complex theological doctrines, figures of speech, or Greek words; it is about simple, simple truths from the Bible that you’ve probably read dozens of times in your life.  If you are like me, you may have found that it sometimes is important to immerse yourself in a subject so it finally sinks in.  My only goal for you and this class, is that you trust God more than you did before you took the class.
Some of us are already trusting God a whole lot; well this will just reinforce that you are doing the right stuff — so good job, keep it up.
Some of us may be on the other extreme, where we’re confused and panicked about life.
Most of us are somewhere in between, where on a good day we trust God and on a bad day we panic and freak out like everyone else.
So again, the goal of this course is to take you, wherever you are in your walk, a step further.  During the class, don’t worry about anybody else in the world; focus on you and God — He loves you, He wants to help you, He is faithful to provide for you.  You simply have to trust Him that He’ll do that.
Taught by Bruce Mahone in Hawaii, September 2015.    All rights reserved.
Class Syllabus
Trusting God Class
Trusting God Introduction

Trusting God Session 1 -Trust God

Trusting God Session 2 – Still Trusting God

Trusting God Session 3 – Keep Trusting God

Trusting God Session 4 – Reliance

Trusting God Session 5 – Faithful Reliability

Trusting God Session 6 – God is Good

Trusting God Session 7 – The Importance of Loving God

Trusting God Session 8 – Pray with Believing

Trusting God Session 9 – Radiant Living

Trusting God Session 10 – Let Peace Rule

Trusting God Session 11 – Raise Your Vision

Trusting God Session 12 -Summary, Rejoice in God’s Goodness

New Focus: God Loves Us (#882)

New Focus: God Loves Us (#882)
Today we’re going to start a new series called New Focus. And the purpose of this series is to give us something positive to focus on every week. Because as we go through our weeks, with our various focus and responsibilities, there is so much going on around us, so many people, so many details, so much stuff that we sometimes we get distracted on from simply loving God and knowing He loves us.
Taught by Bruce Mahone 20151004.  All rights reserved.
Verse Listing and Notes
Deut. 7:8           God’s motives
Deut. 23:5         God turned the curse (of Balaam) into a blessing, because He loved
Ps 13:5-6            I have trusted in thy steadfast love
Psa 34:8-10        O taste and see that the Lord is good; they that seek the Lord shall not lack any good thing —
Ps. 36:7-9           How excellent (precious) is thy lovingkindness
Ps 92:1-2            To shew forth (declare) thy lovingkindness in the morning
Ps. 119:165        Great peace have they which love thy law, and nothing shall offend
Jer. 9:23, 24        He knoweth the Lord which exercises lovingkindness (vs 24)
Jer. 31:3              With lovingkindness He drew us.
Rom. 8:28           All things work together for good
Ro. 8:38, 39        Nothing can separate us
Eph. 1:4-6           Holy and without blame, lovely and acceptable
I Thes. 4:9-12     You are taught of God to love one another (vs. 11 – aspire to lead a quiet life, aspire to live quietly, let it be a point of honor with you to keep calm)
882 New Focus: God Loves Us