Practical Living: Turn Arounds, Part 4 – Rahab (#860)

Practical Living: Turn Arounds, Part 4 – Rahab (#860)

Today we’ll continue our series on turnarounds, and we’ll read about Rahab. Great turnarounds are possible in people’s lives when people trust in God; Rahab did just that.

Taught by Bruce Mahone on 20141109.    All rights reserved.

Verse Listing and Notes

Joshua 1:1-11, 16-18; 2: Moses is dead.

Rahab believed (Joshua 2:9-12, Heb. 11:31, Mat. 1:5).

Joshua 3:13-17: Cross the Jordan (feet in water).

Joshua 21:45: Not one word failed.

(Joshua 24, esp. vs. 31: all those that knew Joshua…)

[Joshua & Caleb: Numbers 13:1, 2, 17-20, 25-33; 14:1-5, 26-39]


860 Practical Living: Turnarounds Part 4, Rahab

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