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Still Trust God (#872)

872 – Still Trust God

We’re going to continue our series on trusting God, last time we met we read about Ruth and Boaz and how Ruth came to trust the Lord God of Israel and about Hezekiah who also trusted in God even though Rabshakeh tried to get him not to. We read in Psalm 5, ‘let all those that put their trust in thee rejoice;’ Psalm 9, ‘thou has not forsaken them that seek thee;’ Psalm 18, ‘the Lord is my Rock in whom I will trust.’ There are a lot of records in the Bible about trusting God and we’ll read a little more of these records today.

Taught by Bruce Mahone on 20150517. All rights reserved.

Verse Listing and Notes

Psalms 28:6-7                My heart trusted in the Lord, and I am helped

Psalms 32:10                 Mercy shall compass him about

Psalms 34:8                    O taste and see that the Lord is good

Psalms 34:22                  None of them that trust in him shall be desolate

Psalms 36:7,8                 How excellent is thy lovingkindness

Psalms 37:3-5, 35-40     So thou shalt dwell in the land and be fed

Psalms. 44:4-8                I will not trust in my bow – in God we boast

Psalms 56:11                  In God have I put my trust: I will not be afraid of what man can do unto me

Psalms 62:5-10               God is a refuge for us, a rock

Psalms 112:1-8               His heart is fixed, trusting in God

Psalms 115                      Trust God, rather than idols which talk not

Psalms 118:5-9                It is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in men


Still Trust God (#872)

Trusting God (#871)

871 – Trusting God

We’re going to start a new series this week on trusting God. As you know God gave us freedom of will, and God really can’t do anything for us if we don’t accept and trust what He said. We see many examples of this in life, for instance if you and I agreed to meet for lunch and you didn’t trust that I’d show up, you probably wouldn’t go and we wouldn’t meet for lunch. Another example that is often used is that of a chair, where if you don’t trust that the chair will hold your weight you probably won’t sit in it. We’ll get review many records in the coming weeks where trusting God is a key; today is the warmup. Let get started in Ruth…

Taught by Bruce Mahone on 20150503. All rights reserved.

Verse Listing and Notes

Ruth 2:11-12                 The Lord, under whose wings thou art come to trust

2 Sam 22:1-7,18-20     The God of my rock, in him will I trust

2 Kings 18:1-8               Hezekiah trusted in the Lord God of Israel

2 Kings 18:19-30           Rabshakeh tried to turn them from trusting God

Psalms 5:1-12                Let all those that put their trust in thee rejoice

Psalms 9:9-10                Thou hast not forsaken them that seek thee

Psalms 18:2                    The Lord is my rock, in whom I will trust


871 – Trust God